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Cat Toys


Zig-N-Zag Cat Exercise Ball

Purr-fection Fringe Benefits Pom Poms

Cotton Balls (2 pack)- Mint Scented

Twinkle Ball

Mini Crinkle Balls

Mini Glow Poms

Rainbow Balls with Feathers

Butterfly Ball with Catnip

Mylar Ball 1.5"

Fur Balls

Rainbow Roller

Dr Noys Tennis Ball Mouse Cat Toy

CFA Feather Balls with Rattle

CFA Yarn Balls with Rattle

Silver Bells and Crinkle Balls

Lattice Balls

Cosmic Sponge Ball with Feathers

Shimmer Balls

Assorted Balls

Cosmic Play Balls (6 pack)

Cosmic Multicolored Balls (4 pack)

Sun Balls

Plush Animal Print Balls with Rattle

Mini Tennis Balls

Fur Pong

Medium Mylar Ball

 Glitter Ball 4 pack

 Paw Print Sponge Ball (4 pack)

Fantastic Feathers Ball with Catnip

 Kitty Sports Balls by Votoys

Pom Pom with Feathers 2 pack

 Yarn Puff Balls 4 pack

 Go!Cat!Go! Spiky Ball

Go!Cat!Go! Dazzle Poms

Go!Cat!Go! Birdie Ball

Feather Pong

 Bouncing Feathers Catnip Boa

Kong Natural Crinkle Ball With Feathers

 Kitty Kopter

Sponge Soccer Balls by Vo-Toys 4 pack

Sponge Soccer Balls by Vo-Toys 2 pack

Sponge Clutch Balls by Vo-Toys 4 pack

 Giant Glitter Pom Poms 2 pack by Vo-Toys

 Darn Yarn Balls

Quiet Glow Play Pair Balls 2 pk

Spiked Out Cat Balls (4 pack)

Jumbo Crinkle Ball by Cancor

CFA Fleece Balls

Two Tone Sponge Balls

Loopies Cat High Ball

Wild Tails

Moppy Ball

Twine Cat Ball with Feathers

Knitting Ball Cat Toy

Go!Cat!Go! Rollin' In Fun

Jewel Balls

Feather Ball by JW Pet Company

Fleece Poms

 Feather Ball With Bell by JW Pets

Felted Balls



Bat Around/Rollers

Shake, Rattle & Roll

Catnip Flippers

Cat Crazies


Jumping Jacks


Rock N Roller

Cat Wheels


Play-N-Squeak Ball of Furry Fury

 Play-N-Squeak Hidden Prey

 Mesh Roller With Beads

Plastic Flower Power 5 pack

 Plastic Spaceball with Feathers 3 pack

Sisal Party Roller Cat Toy

Feather Bungee Wiggler

Boinky Kitty Ball

Whirly Gig by Petstages

 Play-N-Squeak At Night - Twinkle Mini Ball of Furry Fury


 Twine Roller with Feathers

Fox Tails

Crazy Spinners

 Shaggy Spools with Feathers



Da-Ba-Beam Laser Cat Toy


Motoring Bird

Purr-Petual Motion

Panic Mouse Replacement Wand with mice/poms

Panic Mouse Replacement Wand with Feathers

Undercover Mouse

Panic Mouse 360

Fling-ama String Cat Toy

Undercover Mouse Feather Replacement Wand

Cat In The Bag

 Play N Squeak Tail Spin

Mouse Chase Electronic Toy

Motor Mouse

Cheese Mountain

 Panic Mouse Web

Petstages Run and Roll Remote Control Wand


Feathered Toys


Dr Noys Feather Top Carrot

Pink Feather Pillow

Squeaky Featherlite Catnip Boa

Bouncing Featherlite Catnip Boa

Bouncing Feathers Catnip Boa

Springy Featherlite Catnip Boa

Featherlite Birdie

Kitty Hoots Showgulls

Pet Stages Feather Buddy

Kong Straw Cone with Feathers

Kong Crinkle Ball with Feathers

Kong Natural Ring with Feathers

Feather Pong

Kitty Kopter

 Fantastic Feathers Bird with Catnip

Plush Duck With Feather Tail and Catnip

Powder Puff Pals by Petstages 

Go!Cat!Go! Birdie Ball

CFA Feather Balls

Larry The Canary Glitter Critters

Feather Boa Fish



Christmas Toys and Other Items

Zanies Santa Paws Cat Toy

Collar Charms- Candy Cane

Collar Charms- Xmas Tree

Large Cat Stocking

Santa Hat For Pets

Large Velvet Stocking

Musical Christmas Gift Bags

Zanies Holiday Playtime Purse

 Christmas Candy Cane with Catnip

 Assorted Holiday Kitty Hoots Tail Chaser

 Zanies Christmas Skedaddle Motorized Santa Mouse Cat Toy

 Christmas Glitzy Mice

 Zanies Xmas Stocking

 Zanies Santa Pants Crinkle Tunnel for Cats

Crocheted Small Luscious Legs

Crocheted Large Luscious Legs

Winter Wigglers Cat Toy

Yuletide Tartan Cat Toys

Jolly Jingle Balls

Play-N-Squeak Stocking Stuffer

Play-N-Squeak Reindeer Games

Xmas Loofa Dog Cat Toy

Xmas Dove

Kong Holiday Wild Tails

Kong Holiday Kickeroo Mouse

Kong Holiday Chenille Kickeroo with Bow

Kong Holiday Rat

 Candy Cane Mice

 Zanies Christmas Tree Teaser




Other Cat Toys

Catnip Sock

Fur Spider

CFA Porcupine Wiggler

Kitty Hoots SPringy Worms

Kitty Hoots Bobber

Play N Squeak Mouse N Cheese

Play-N-Squeak Inky the Squid

Play-N-Squeak Fred the Lobster

Loofa Dog Cat Toy

Play-N-Squeak Whack Attack

Play-N-Squeak Elast-o-Mouse

Kitty Play Maze Track

Cataction Flying Squid

Kat Teazz Waball

Cosmic Assorted ( 4 pieces)

Kitty Play Motor Mouse

Play-N-Squeak Clownfish

Play-N-Squeak Fuzzy Mouse

Smartcat Tick Tock Teaser


Play N Squeak Spring Fling Mouse

Plush Bat and Bobble Cat Toy

Cuddle Pal

  Double Fun Cat Toys

Glitter Critters- Larry The Canary

 Klassy Kat Spring Thing, 4 Ball Punch

Chilly Kitty Chews

Fantasy Fish Bowl

Play-N-Squeak Monkey Mouse

Silly Squids 

 Petstages Cheese Chase Cat Toy

 Spring Time! by Go!Cat!Go!

 Cat Dancer Ringtail Chasers Cat Toy

 Blinking Buddy Nighttime Cat Toy

 Shaggy Ducks & Frogs

 Cutie Cat Value Packs (12 pack)

 Kitty Punch Ball


Kitten Mitten

Catit Cat Senses Massage Centre

Krazy Kat Multi Mouse Teaser Station

Krazy Kat Furry Spring Toy

Kong Crinkle Rings

Kong Crinkle Fish

Kong Crinkle Caterpillar


Cancor Crinkle Wand with Suction Cap

Mink Spider Cat Toy

Black Rabbit Spider

Mink Tail Toy Blue

FroliCat Sway Cat Toy

FroliCat Twitch Cat Toy

Wooly Monster


Giant Spiders



Hunting and Fishing Cat Toys

Play-N-Squeak Thrill Of The Chase

Cat Tracks Play System

SmartCat Peek-A-Prize Toy Box

Play-N-Squeak Nature's Course

 SmartCat Peek-and-Play Toy Box

Cheese Chase

 Kitty Play Maze Track

 Nina Ottosson Cat/Dog Spinny

 Nina Ottosson Cat/Dog Twister

 Aikiou Stimulo Activity Feeding Centre

Petstages Night Time Whisper Track

Kitty Play Maze Track V2




Kitty Krinkle Sack by Fleximat

Jungle Cat Cave

Krinkly Big Mouth Fish Sack


Mouse Cat Toys

Assorted Mice

Frederico Ferret

Zanies Holiday Playtime Purse

CFA Furry Mouse with Rattle

Curly Pet Mouse

Dr Noys Tennis Ball Mouse Cat Toy

Purr-fection Fringed Mouse

Cosmic Small Fur Mice (4 pack)

Real Fur Mice (3 pack)

Play-N-Squeak Twice The Mice

Sparkle Mouse

Play N Squeak Wee Braid-Y Kitten

Play N Squeak Wee Pinkiemouse

Play N Squeak Woolymouse

Play N Squeak Wild Flingdom

 Glamour Mouse

Ribbon Mice with Catnip 2 pack

Rainbow Mice 9 pack

Curly Plush Mouse with Catnip

Shaggy Mouse with Catnip

 Play-n-Squeak Raffiamouse

Play-N-Squeak Long Tail Mouse

 Play-N-Squeak Shake Y'R Tail

Three Twine'd Mice by Go!Cat!Go!

 Play-N-Squeak Scamper Mouse

 Play-N-Squeak At Night - TwinkleMouse

Play-N-Squeak At Night - Twinkle Wild Flingdom

Play-N-Squeak At Night - Twinkle WobbleMouse

Play-N-Squeak At Night - Twinkle Twisty Mouse

Play-N-Squeak Ruff N Tumble

Cosmic Fur Mice

Squeaky Mice

Go!Cat!Go! Glossy Mouse

Go!Cat!Go! Mouse In Sheep's Clothing

Go!Cat!Go! Shock and Awww Mice

Go!Cat!Go Fluffed and Stuffed

Go!Cat!Go! Shock Top Mouse

Go!Cat!Go! Wild Mouse Chase

Go!Cat!Go! Bumpin' and Groovin'

Kong Feather Mouse Refillable Catnip Toy

Kong Field Mouse

Kong Kickeroo Mouse

Kong Frosty Mice

Kong Braidz Mice

Twine Mouse with Feather Tail

CFA Wooly  Catnip Mouse 

Zanies Rainbow Furry Mice

Zanies Moppy Mice

Zanies Fuzzy Mice

Zanies Furry Mice

Fun For All Mouse

Small Fur Mice

Large Fur Mice

Go!Cat!Go! Mini Hairy Mouse

 Go!Cat!Go! Mini Mouse in Sheep's Clothing

Plush Mouse with Ball Dangler

Knitted Mouse with Feathers (2 pack)

Knitted Mouse Large

Motion Mice (2 pack)

Mini Glossy Mouse

Mini Shock Top Mouse

Mini Stormy Leather Mouse

Mini Wild Mouse

Mini Velvet Vermin Mouse

Spiral Mice








Door Knob Cat Toys

Crinkle Bungee Ball


Cataction Catapult

 Play-N-Squeak Batting Practise

Fur Black Spider

Play-N-Squeak At Night  - Twinkle Whack and Forth

Tiger Mobile Cat Toy

Bamboo Catfisher Doorknob Hanger

CFA Mouse Doorknob Dangler

A-Door-Able Real Fur Mouse

Go!Cat!Go! Rattle Ring

Go!Cat!Go! Sweater Pest

 A Door Able Real Fur Mouse

 Fur Bungee Mouse on Coil


Laser Cat Toys

Da-Da Beam Laser Cat Toy

Spotbrites Hologram Laser Cat Toy

 Vroom Around the Room Kitty Laser Toy

 Laser Pointer / LED Light Pen

Petstages Laser Fun Toy

Pet Laser Mix 12-in-1 

Pet Laser 2-in-1 with Flashlight

Zanies Laser Beam Mouse

Guardian Gear Laser Pointer

FroliCat Dart Cat Laser Cat Toy

FroliCat Bolt Laser Cat Toy


Sisal Toys

Brushed Sisal 2 Tone Catepillar

Kitty Spirit Sisal Ball with Feathers

2" Sisal Mice with Feathers

Sisal Party Roller



Dr Noys Swizzle Stick

Multi-feathered Teaser

Small Feathered Teaser with Bell

Teaser with Ball and Feathers

Silk Ribbon Teaser with Bell

Cat Charmer

Maribou Feather Cat Pole

Cat Charmer by CatDancer Products

SmartCat Fishing Frenzy

Da Bird

Da Bird Attachments

18" Kitty Broom Teaser

18" Wild Thing Teaser

18" Peacock Sparkler Teaser

18" Sparkling Kitty Duster

Cat Catcher

Ostrich Tickler

Cat Tail Teaser

Kitty Duster

Da Bee

Da Butterflier

 The Purrfect Flower Cat Toy

The Purrfect FeatherBouncer

 The Purrfect Feather Cat Toy 

The Purrfect Crunchy Feather Cat Toy

 The Purrfect Go-Fur-It Cat Toy

Purrfect Glo N The Dark Curly Close Up Cat Toy

Purrfect Feather Cat Tie-Ons- Peacock

 Glitter Angelfish with Catnip

Jellyfish Teaser with Catnip

 Star Fish Teaser with Catnip

Seahorse Teaser with Catnip

 JW Featherlite Cat Boa

Cataction Star Wand Catnip Boa

 Petstages Pounce N Play Teaser

 Springy Featherlite Catnip Boa

Bead-N-Tease Cat Wand

Cat Catcher Mouse Refill

 String Me-ow't by Go!Cat!Go!

 Play-N-Squeak Play Wand - Bounce & Pounce

 Play-N-Squeak Play Wand - Tiger Teaser

 Fur Ball Tickler

 Neko Flies Kragonfly (Dragonfly) w/ Rod

 Neko Flies Katarantula (Spider) Attachment

 Neko Flies Kittycada (Cicada) Attachment

 Neko Flies Small Kittenator

 Neko Flies Large Kittenator

 Mini Neko Flies

 Hummingbird Teaser

 Aztec Teaser

 Peacock Feathers

 Mini Pom Cascade

 Armani Teaser

 Feather Rattle Teasers

 Marabou Swirl Teasers

 Go Cat Holographic Rainbow Tickler Teaser

Go Cat Sparkler Teaser

 Neko Flies Dragonfly Attachment

 Da Bird Super Refills

Dancing Feather

Sparkling Tickler  Teaser

Tickler Teaser

Dragonflier Teaser

Double Fluff Flip Multi Teaser

Biot Fluff Teaser

Twisted Bolo Teaser

Red Hummingbird Teaser

Stretch Rabbit Fur Ball Teaser

GoldDuster Teaser

4 x 4 White and Black Teaser

Yellow Rattle Teaser

Pewter Fluff Teaser

Fuchsia Teaser

Biot Feather Teaser

Slinky Eyes Teaser

Long Marabou Teasers

19" Mylar Solid Colour Holographic Teaser

Play-N-Squeak At Night Twinkle Mouse Play Wand

Cosmic Refillable Catnip Wand Two's Company

Cosmic Refillable Catnip Wand Three`a A Crowd

Da Bird Guinea Fowl Attachment

Da Bird Turkey Attachment

Da Bird Kitty Puff Attachment

Da Bird Fur Fun Attachment

Da Bird Sparkler Attachment

Troll On A Stick Teaser


Brown Tail Cat Lure Teaser


Green Fish Cat Lure Teaser


Lobster Cat Lure Teaser


Dragonfly Lure Teaser


Deer Hair Mouse with Wand


Joint Leg Frog Lure Teaser


Deer Hair River Mouse Lure Teaser


Red, White and Black Fish Lure Teaser


Red and White Fish Lure Teaser


Purple Pixie Teaser


Mylar Minky Teaser


 Mini Mink Teasers


 Tipsy Teaser


 Smile Maraca Feather Teaser


 Fantasy Rattle Teaser


 Wired Feather Teaser


 Go!Cat!Go! Snakey Teasers


Small Feathered Teaser


Boa On A Stick


Neko Holiday Gift Pack Cat Toys


And White Teasers


Black Leech Cat Lure


Deer Hair Teaser


Neko Flies Kiticatterfly (Butterfly)


Neko Flies Kattipede (Centipede)


Neko Flies Foxifur Kittenator (Fancy Mouse)


Crinkle Ball Teaser


Purple Corsage Accent Teaser


Bird On A Wire Teaser


Replacement Birdie for Bird On A Wire


Satin Ribbon Rattle Teaser



 Show Cage Entertaining Toys


Rabbit Fur Cage Teaser


Small Cage Flower Teaser


Large Cage Flower Teaser 




Nylon Play Tunnel

Plush Jungle Tunnel

Tunnel 'O' Fun

Kitty Play Rainbow Tunnel

Striped Cat Tunnel

Swirl Cat Tunnel

Leopard Fun Tunnel

Catnip Cat Toys

Catnip Flippers

Catnip Sock

Mini Glow Poms

Butterfly Ball with Catnip

Rock n' Roller

Dr Noys Feather Top Carrot

Pink Feather Pillow

Curly Pet Mouse

Flea Catnip Toy

Mylar Fish

Sparkle Catnip Creatures

Catnip Filled Cupcake

Perfect Pairs Marrying Ducks

Perfect Pairs Marrying Bears

Look Who's Swimming Seahorse

Look Who's Swimming Sardine

Look Who's Crawling Shiny Catnip Lizard

Cosmic Catnip 57g Cup

Cosmic Catnip 14g Polybag

Hat Heads- 2 pack

Fish N Fun

 Catnip Extract Can 143g

Daddy Pompom Legs

 Fluff Bunnies

Plush Duck with Feather Tail and Catnip

 Catnip Tumbling Balls

Plush Fish with Feather Tail and Catnip

 Kong Cat Hubba Wubba

Dr Noys Catnip Sachets

 Star Baseball 2 pack

Skinneeez Duck with Catnip

 Kickeroo Tiger by Kong

Kitten Kickeroo

 Kitty Delights Song Bird with Chirp

Fairy Fish

 Loopies Cat High Ball Toy

Loopies Spring Cat Catnip Toy

 Petstages Catnip Chew Ring

Cosmic Catnip 14g Cup

 Cosmic Catnip 28g Cup

Cosmic Catnip Filled Banana

 Fantastic Feathers Bird Cat Toy

Catnip Two Toss by Petstages

Three Ring Play by Petstages

 Play-N-Squeak Backyard Cat Toy- Squeaking Skunk

 Play-N-Squeak Backyard Cat Toy- Squeaking Bird

 Sock Pals Cat Toys

 Kong Feather Mouse Refillable Catnip Toy

 Kong Moppy Kickeroo Cat Toy

 Frutter Bugs

 Curly Pet Elephant

Curly Pet Frog

Curly Pet Pig

Curly Pet Sheep

 Kong Cat Braidz Pinwheel Cat Toy

 Catnip Cigar

Look Who's Talking Chicken

 Zanies Critters


Play-N-Squeak Backyard Cat Toy- Squeaking Raccoon


 Kong Moppy with Feathers


Kong Moppy Ball


Kong Braidz Safari


Kong Wild Tails


Kong Field Mouse


Kong Kickeroo Teaser


Kong Kickeroo Mouse


Kong Fuzzy Bird


Go!Cat!Go! Pyramid Scheme


Go!Cat!Go! Havin' A Ball


Go!Cat!Go! Feathered Frenzy


Look Who's Talking Fish


Cosmic Catnip Boomerang or Cosmic Rebound


Cosmic Catnip Garden



Go!Cat!Go! - Boxing Match

Plaque Away Pretzel

Dental Health Chews

Dust Bunnies

Catnip Mouse Ball with Tail

Cosmic Catnip Dispensing Toy Catnip Shooter

Cosmic Catnip Dispensing Toy Catnip Explosion

Kitty Hoots Springy Worms (2 Pack)

Play-N-Squeak Inky the Squid

Play-N-Squeak Fred the Lobster

Play-N-Squeak Clownfish

Dr Noys Duckie

Kong Braidz Mouse

Kong Frosty Mice

Zanies Nutty Owls

Cosmic Catnip Cactus

Cosmic Catnip Carrot

Cosmic Catnip Chilli Pepper

Cosmic Catnip Toy Snake

Kong Naturals Catnip Spray

Cosmic Catnip Bouncy Bubbles

Cosmic Catnip Fish

Cosmic Catnip Dispensing Toy Catnip One To Spare

Cosmic Catnip Dispensing Toy Catnip Bunches Of Fun

Cosmic Catnip Dispensing Toy Catnip High Top

Cosmic Eight Ball

Play-N-Squeak Bird - Cardinal

Play-N-Squeak Bird - Jay Bird

Play-N-Squeak Bird - Knock Knock

Play-N-Squeak Bird - Pitts Bird

Play-N-Squeak Bird - Hummingbird

Look Who's Talking Lamb

 Catnip Monkey or Moose

 Cosmic Frisky Spritz Catnip Spray-59ml









Honeysuckle Cat Toys


Honeysuckle Octopus

Honeysuckle Shaggy Ducks and Frogs

Honeysuckle Spray

Honeysuckle Mouse

 Honeysuckle Tie-Dyed Mice

Honeysuckle Love Cat Toys



Nighttime Cat Toys

Play-N-Squeak At Night TwinkleMouse

Play-N-Squeak At Night - Twinkle Twisty Mouse

Play-N-Squeak At Night - Twinkle Wild Flingdom

Play-N-Squeak At Night - Twinkle Mini Ball of Furry Fury

Play-N-Squeak At Night - Twinkle Whack and Forth

Blinking Buddy Night time Cat Toy

Flashing Firefly Mat

Mini Glow Poms (Pack of 4)

Quiet Glow Play Pair Balls 2 Pk

Play-N-Squeak At Night Twinkle Mouse Play Wand

Play-N-Squeak At Night - Twinkle WobbleMouse



Motion Activated Cat Toys


Cheese Mountain

Mouse Chase Electronic Cat Toy


Toys For Kittens


CFA Kitten Bird Bouncer


CFA Kitten Yarn Balls with Rattle (2 pack)


CFA Kitten Yarn Mice (2 pack)



CFA Kitten Suede Mouse


Kitten Kickeroo


Play N Squeak Wee Braid-Y Kitten


Play N Squeak Wee Pinkie Mouse


Mini Crinkle Balls by Cancor


Mini Glow Poms by Cancor


Rainbow Balls with Feathers


CFA Feather Balls with Rattle







The Catnapper

Small Leopard Print Sofa Bed

Catnapper Replacement Cover

Zeez Diva Plush Floor Throw

 Prestige Plush Jungle Cuddler

Zeez Dotty Reversible Snuggler

 Cuddle Pal

 Faux Mink Mat- Pink

Faux Mink Mat- Blue

 Flashing Firefly Placemat

 Springtime Cuddler- Pink

Springtime Cuddler- Blue

 Heartbeat Pet Pillow`

 Tee Pee Bed

 Bunk Bed and Playroom by Smartcat

Slumber Pet Thermal Cat Mat

Snooza Eskimo Igloo-Small

Cozy Heating Pad

 Catit Design Senses Comfort Zone

Miracool Cooling Mat

Polka Dot Cage Hammocks




Cleaning Products

Aussie Lint Roller- Medium

Aussie Lint Roller- Medium Refill

Gripsoft Hair and Lint Remover

Gonzo Pet Hair Remover

Piss Off

The Pet Hair Magnet by Petmate

Tushie Wipes

Litter Box Wipes

Cat Wipes

Petkin Kitty Eye Wipes

Petkin Kitty Ear Wipes

Sticky Paws For Plants

 Sticky Paws On A Roll

Petkin Pet Wipes

Bamboo Eco Pet wipes

Bamboo Eco Eye Wipes


 Urine Off Clean Coat Bath Wipe

Aussie Lint Roller Large

Aussie Lint Roller Refill- Large




Collars, Leads, Harnesses and Collar Charms


Nylon Collar with Daisy Ribbon

Nylon Collar with Turquoise Navajo Ribbon

Nylon Collar with Tulip Ribbon

Nylon Collar with Rainbow Ribbon

Nylon Collar with Multicolored Stars Ribbon

Cotton Collar with Bright Blue Flowers

Cotton Collar with Holiday Xmas Balls

Black Cotton Collar with Jelly Beans

Cotton Collar with Ivy Leaves

Nylon Collars with Diamantes

Red Rhinestone Cat Collar

Black Rhinestone Cat Collar

Pro Collar Inflatable E Style Collars

Guardian Gear Confetti Weave Collar

Mini Pet Strobe

 Neon Bell

Eastside Confetti Cat Collar

Eastside Hibiscus Cat Collar



Happy Habitat



Nylon Lead with Daisies Ribbon

Nylon Lead with Multicolored Stars Ribbon

Nylon Lead with Rainbow Ribbon

Cotton Lead with Jelly Beans

Black Rhinestone Cat Lead

Red Rhinestone Cat Lead

Prestige Nylon Adjustable Cat and Puppy Leash 3/8"



Collar Charms

Puffed Heart with Swarovski Crystals

Crystal Crown

Candy Cane

Xmas Tree

Paw Print

Dental Products

Triple Pet Toothpaste

Triple Pet Toothpaste

Triple Pet Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Veterinary Finger Brush

Petkin Tooth Wipes

 Petkin Tooth Swabs

Triple Pet Breath Freshener

Petkin Liquid Oral Care 240ml

Plaque Off Breath Freshener

 Chilly Kitty Chews 

Catnip Chew Ring

Dental Health Chews

Plaque Away Pretzel


Flea and Tick Solutions

MGT Contoured Grip Flea Comb

Flea Rid Delicate Touch Comb

Ticked Off Tick Remover- White

The Tick Nipper

Tick Twister

Trix Tick-Lasso

The Tick Key

 Conair Pro Flea Comb

Frontline Plus Cat 6's

Food and Water Dispensers

Pet Fountain

Drinkwell Pet Fountain

Drinkwell Refill Accessory

Drinkwell Cleaning Kit

Drinkwell Replacement Filters

Drinkwell 360 Fountain

 Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain

Platinum Fountain Replacement Motor

 Platinum Fountain Replacement Filters 

Drinkwell 360 Replacement Filters

 Drinkwell Replacement Motor

Pioneer Pet Big Max Stainless Steel Drinking Fountain

Pioneer Raindrop Stainless Steel Drinking Fountain

Pioneer Replacement Filters for Drinking Fountain

Catit Cat Drinking/Feeding Station - 3ltrs

Catit "Fresh & Clear" Cat/Puppy Drinking Station - 2ltrs

Fresh n Clear Cat Drinking Station - Foam/Carbon Cartridges (3)

Pioneer Ceramic Raindrop Pet Fountain





Stainless Steel Bowls

ProSelect Anti-Skid Bowl- Hot Pink

ProSelect Anti-Skid Bowl- Pale pink

Stainless Steel Corner Bowl

Stainless Steel Ant Moat Pet Bowl

Anchor Bowl

 Embossed Non-Skid Cat Bowl 8oz (236ml)

Prima Bolz Double Diner

 Durapet Small Twin Feeding Bowl

SecuraPet Bowl- 900ml

Durapet - Fashion Bowls-Metallic Blue 950ml

ProSelect Stainless Steel Hanging Bowls

Glass Bowls

Catit Design Glass Diner for Cats


Castlemere Urban Paw Collection 15cm

Polka Dot "Prince" Bowl 

Castlemere Metallic Paws Oval Bowl

Castlemere Peek A Boo Kitty Oval Bowl

Castlemere Blue Paisley Round Bowl

Cutie Paw Dishes

Animal Print Ceramic Bowl

Fish Bone Ceramic Bowl

Scull and Bones Ceramic Bowl

Castlemere Metallic Paw Square Eggplant Bowl 18cm


Black Cat and Heart Ceramic Bowl


Gold Rim Oval Cat Bowl


Food and Water Bowls in Metal Stand


Ceramic Cat Face Bowl


Stoneware Pedestal Bowl-Dry Food


Stoneware Pedestal Bowl- Wet/Canned or Fresh Food


 Wetnoz Fat Cat Dish

Catit White Weave Ceramic Bowl

Raise Your Paw Stoneware Pet Bowl


Other Bowls 

Cat Face Design Single Bowl

Cat Face Design Double Bowl

Resin Goldfish Bowl

Resin Butterfly Bowl

 Resin Skeleton Bowl

Portable Travel Bowls

Paw Print Collapsible Travel Food/Water Bowls

Guardian Gear Portable Travel Bowls

Guardian Gear Handi-Drink

Leopard Print Travel Bowl

Purple Camo Travel Bowl

Treat Balls

Tricky Treat Ball

Talk To Me Treat Ball

Play-N-Squeak Ball Of The Wild

Go!Cat!Go! Play-N-Treat Ball (2 pack)

Kong Cat Wobbler

Omega Paw Tricky Treat Ball

Catit Cat Treat Ball

Catit Cat Senses Food Maze

FunKitty Egg-Cersizer

Funkitty Twist n Treat

Nina Ottosson's Cat Pyramid Treat Dispenser


Automatic Pet Feeders

Automatic Pet Feeder - PF-05



Pet Buddies Cat Food Can Covers

Vacuum Seal Can Cover


ZiwiPeak Treats

Feline Greenies 


Gifts for Pet Lovers

Alex and Jojo Kittens Figurine

Bella Cat Tabby Figurine

Millie Kitten Lying Figurine

Marmalade Ginger Cat Figurine

Jess Kitten Black and White Figurine

Cassie Figurine

Tosca Meerkat Figurine

Kitten Stretching Figurine

 Nicky Cat Happy Smile Figurine

Sylvie Cat Figurine

Red Cat Wall Plaque

Black Cat Wall Plaque

3D Bookmarks




Grooming Products

Nail Care

Gripsoft Nail Cat Clippers

MGT Ergonomic Professional Nail Clippers

MGT Guillotine Nail Clippers

Top Performance Nail File

Blood Stop Swabs

 Gripsoft Deluxe Nail Trimmer For Cats

 Wahl 2-in1 EZ Nail Clipper & Filer


Gripsoft Cat Slicker Brush

Kong Zoom Groom Rubber Pet Brush

Gripsoft Double Sided Cat Brush

Cat Dancer Smart Brush

Gripsoft Cat Brush

Gripsoft Cat Undercoat Rake

 Grooming Glove

Deshedding Blades

MGT Double Sided Deshedding Blade

Omega Arch Cat Groomer

Omega Paw Arch Groomer Deluxe

Catit "Le Salon" Slicker Brush - Oval Large

Le Salon Pro Slicker/Rake for Cats - Large

ShowMaster Fur Shedding Rake Small (50mm Blade)


MGT Ergonomic Pro Comb

Conair Pro Flea Comb

MGT Contoured Grip Flea Comb

Flea Rid Delicate Touch Comb

Gripsoft Cat Comb


Untangler Pet Pickins (Magnifier & Tweezers)

Untangler Pet Pickins (Magnifier and Forceps)


Bio Groom Klean Kitty Waterless Shampoo

 Bio Groom Kuddly Kitty Kitten Shampoo

 Malaseb Medicated Shampoo 250ml

 Malaseb Combo Pack


 Electric Pet Massager

Master Grooming Tools Triangle Slicker Brush

Master Grooming Tools Stripper Knives

Master Grooming Tools Rainbow Greyhound Combs

Bio Groom Pro-White Smooth Coat Grooming Powder

Silky Cat Protein Lanolin Shampoo

Purrfect White Conditioning Shampoo

Bio Groom Stain Free

Bio Groom Coat Polish

MGT Steel Greyhound Comb

MGT Rotating Pin Comb

MGT Nail Scissors


- Master Grooming Tools Pink Fine/Coarse Comb

- Master Grooming Tools Pink Medium/Coarse Comb

- Master Grooming Tools Pink Face/Finishing Comb

- Master Grooming Tools Blue Fine/Coarse Comb

- Master Grooming Tools Blue Medium/Coarse Comb

- Master Grooming Tools Blue Face/Finishing Comb

- Master Grooming Tools Purple Fine/Coarse Comb

- Master Grooming Tools Purple Medium/Coarse Comb

- Master Grooming Tools Purple Face/Finishing Comb

- Master Grooming Tools face and Finishing Comb


Health Care

 Quit- Itch Lotion (259ml)

 Blood Stop Swabs

Pet Piller

Triple Pet Natural Wound Relief

Profender Allwormer for Cats 2.5-5kg

 Cat-Lax 70g


 Petkin Pet Eye & Tear Swabs

 Frontline Plus Cat 6's

Styptic Powder

 Petkin Allergy Relief Pet Wipes

 Shed- X 245ml


Litter Tray and Accessories

Litter Scoop

Booda Dome Clean Step Litter Tray- Pearl

Booda Dome Clean Step Litter Tray- Titanium

Litter Tray Wipes

 Scoopwell Litter Scoop

Booda Scoop & Hide Litter Scoop

Booda Dome Cleanstep Filters - 2 pack

 Booda Dome Cleanstep Liners 8 pack

Large Booda Litter Scoop


Litter Kwitter

Miscellaneous Products

Smiling Kitty Mobile Phone Jewellery

Cherrydale Farms Cat Photo Frame

Puppies 50 page Notebook

Scratching Posts


Play-N-Squeak Mouse Scratch Pad

Cosmic Catnip Alpine Scratcher

Play-n-Squeak Scratch It

Pavlov's Cat Scratch Feeder

 SmartCat Combination Scratcher

Kong Corner Cat Scratcher

 Plastic Scratch Pad

Scratch Lounge

Sky Climber

Ultimate Scratching Post

Catit Cat Senses Scratch Pad Centre

Petmate Cat Scratch Wheel with Mouse

Seagrass/Catnip Scratch Ramp - 35x15x9cm

Lean-It Anywhere Scratching Post




Cage / Crate Cooling Fan

ProSelect Standard Cage Fan

 ProSelect Crate Fan Cooling System

 ProSelect Crate Fan Cooling System Refill


ZiwiPeak Treats

Feline Greenies


Products Suitable For Dogs

Soft Touch Sea Creature- Octopus

Zanies Dazzling Brights

Zanies Fun Flops

Plush Dog Bone

Rope Pull with Handgrip

Gripsoft Undercoat Rake with Regular Teeth

Shelly The Flamingo

Sandy The Ostrich- mini

Shelly The Flamingo- mini

Look Who's Talking Parrot

 Gripsoft Bristle Brush 

 Petstages Cool Teething Stick

Halloween Witch

 Gripsoft Double Sided Comb

Puppy Cuddle Pal

Heart Tug Dog Toy

Gripsoft Small Dog Nail Clippers

 Holiday Octopus by Kyjen

 Reindeer by Kyjen

 Nuts For Knots Dog Ball- Small

 Xmas Loofa Dog in Red- Small

 Newspaper Dog Toy

 Kyjen Brown Holiday Stocking

 Green Holiday Stocking

 Squeaker Mat Long Body Gator

 Coral the Crab Deluxe Plush Toy

 Red Dingo Red Hibiscus Bucklebone Dog Collar- Small

 Loofa Snowman- 12" or 30cm

 Loofa Birthday Toy

FurBeGone Dog Grooming Brush

Puppy Luv - Christmas Giraffe

 Puppy Luv - Christmas Octopus

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