My realisation that toys are as much a necessity for cats as they are for dogs and the lack of variety of cat toys in pet stores compared to the vast array of dog toys displayed, was the motivating force in setting up Pampered Cats Playground.


*Give cats an outlet for their instinctive prey - chasing behaviors.

* Interactive playing strengthens the feline-human bond, an  important goal for genuine cat lovers.

* Provides valuable exercise for cats of all ages and helps your cat maintain a healthy weight. Playing with your cat develops muscle tone, agility and stamina.

*Playing is a positive way for your cat to release negative energy or aggression.

 *Helps fight boredom and hence may be less destructive with your furniture or carpet.

*Playing helps a shy cat gain confidence.

*Heaps of fun for both your cat and yourself.

 The days are gone where the choice of cat toy is limited to catnip and a ball of string. There is now a huge array of toys that amuse, entertain and stimulate even the fussiest of felines. The variety of toy that best suits your cat will depend on the active level of the cat and how easily entertained he/she is. If your cat initiates play, then play alone toys can be effective. Examples of play alone toys are Bug Jar, Kittybird, Cheese Mountain, various balls, Wacky Rollers, Catnip Flippers, Mouse Cycle and Race N Chase, Krinkle Sack, Shake, Rattle N Roll and the like. If your cat does not initiate play, then you may need to intervene. Toys such as Teasers, Wild Tail, and Wiggle Ball should challenge, and the play be enjoyed by, even the most sedentary cat. As cats mature, their interest in play may diminish. However, their actual need does not. Owners need to provide toys that properly challenge their cat, so that they will enjoy play for most, if not all, of their lives. Don't forget to rotate toys, so that you cat doesn't become bored and lose interest in their toys and in playtime.