Aussie Lint Roller - Medium and Large

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The Aussie Lint Roller is guaranteed to remove hair, fluff and dust from your clothing and other areas. It contains 60 medium sheets and is compatible with other leading brands. Refills are also available. It is constructed using a steel frame and polypropylene plastic and uses adhesive paper tape. The paper tape is 8.6m long x 10.2 cm wide.

The plastic casing keeps the adhesive tape clean. Once the adhesive tape is not effective in removing the fluff, simply tear off the old sheet, leaving a new, adhesive sheet to use.

It is not to be used on smooth floors, delicate fabrics or on long pile carpet. It is also not to be stored near heat.

 Weighs 265g.

Now available in two sizes.

Price quoted is for 1 Aussie Lint Roller - Medium or Large