Chubby Mice

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The Yeowww! Jug w/ 30 Chubby Mice features a countertop pop-off lid jar container with 30-count Catnip Chubby Mouse. Each mouse toy includes only 100% certified organic American chemical-free, farm-grown catnip and contains no fillers.


  • Countertop display jar container with pop-off lid
  • Includes 30 Yeowww! Chubby Mice
  • Mouse toy includes 100% certified organic American farm-grown catnip
  • No chemicals/pesticides or plastic/cotton fillers
  • Made in USA

Set Includes: 1 Display Jar Container, 30 Yeowww! Catnip Chubby Mouse

Colour: Yellow

Mouse Size: Approx. 9cm (length) x 5cm (width)

Price quoted id for 1 Yeowww Chubby Mouse