Pure American Catnip Sun Moon and Stars

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The Yeowww! Sun, Moon & Stars 3-Pack Cat Toy Set features catnip-stuffed toys made with durable cotton twill material and 100% certified organic farm-grown American catnip - no fillers or chemicals. The Sun cat toy includes crinkle paper.


  • 3-piece cat toy set featuring a sun, a moon, and a star
  • Each toy contains 100% organic farm-grown catnip grown in USA
  • No chemicals/pesticides or plastic/cotton fillers used
  • Soft and durable cotton twill material (non-toxic)
  • Crinkle paper inside sun toy
  • Handmade in USA

Set Includes: 3-Pack Catnip Toys - Sun, Moon, Star

Price quoted is for 1 Yeowwww Sun, Moon and Stars.