Nighttime Cuddle Toy

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If you have a cat that needs nighttime entertainment while you’re asleep, this soft and playful mouse toy makes a great companion for your pet. Featuring a velvety-soft body, this cuddly toy is filled with high quality catnip to tempt your kitty to paw and play all night long.

To make it easier to see at night, the Cuddle Toy has glow-in-the-dark crescent moons printed on the front. Even during the daytime, your feline can amuse themselves with this fun and interactive toy. If you’re looking for a noiseless pet toy that you can give your cat for nighttime play, add the Petstages Nighttime Cuddle Toy to your cat’s toy box!

Colour will vary.

Approximate size is 305mm (length) x 127mm (width) x 63.5mm (height)

Price quoted is for 1 Petstages Nighttime Cuddle Toy.