Curlz Cat Teaser

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Colourful and unpredictable, the Curlz Teaser features a long, curly ribbon with a feathers and curly ribbons at the end of it to give your cat a ‘prey’ to hunt and catch. The corkscrew curl design of the ribbon makes the toy bounce and creates unpredictable movements to keep your pet’s attention and entice them into pouncing, pawing, and playing. This corkscrew curl is the key to the kitty party at the end of this glittering wand.
Designed with a quick recoil mechanism, the long ribbon can stretch, but will return to its original shape. The ribbon is attached to a glitter and durable wand for better control of the movements. The Crazy-fast recoil, sealed into the durable woven spirals mean when your cat pounces onto the feather and ribbon target, they're rewarded with more high-speed, springing action, launching them into further fun.

Colours will vary.

Price quoted is for 1 Kong Curlz Cat Teaser.