Da Purr-Peller Cat Teaser Wand

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Da Purr Peller Cat Toy Teaser

Go Cat's new addition to their expanding range is the Da Purr-Peller. This teaser has been carefully handcrafted in the USA as is its predecessor, Da Bird. The natural hunting instinct of cats is satisfied when playing with these wonderful toys. We hear all the time our customers saying that their cat has a new lease on life and is playing for the first time in years. Playing with these toys is a fun and healthy way to ensure they exercise.

The Da Purr-Peller features a propeller of feathers that spin through the air which encourages kitty to hunt and chase.

The Da Purr-Peller is interchangeable with other Go Cat refills, such as the sparkler, the Super Refill, The Guinea Fowl Refill, the Da Wild Thing Refill, the Kitty Puff Refill, the Fur Fun Refill and The Turkey Refill. Simply unclip the Purr-Peller, and attach one of the other refills. Alternatively if you have a Da Bird wand, you can purchase a Da Purr-Peller Refill, and attach to the Da Bird wand.

Go Cat Toys are currently the leaders in quality cat toys in the market today.

Always put away your toys when not in use, as your cat will attack it when you are not around. Toys should be played with under supervision and should be checked regularly for a break or damage to the toy. Discard when worn. No toy is indestructible.

Recommended by veterinarians, the Go CatTeasers are a great way to give your cat exercise. No matter what the level of fitness or the age of the cat, none of them can resist the pull of Da Bird or the Da Purr-Peller.  Just make sure you put it away where your cat can't reach it when play time is over or you will be buying replacement feathers sooner than you expect.

Price quoted is for 1 Da Purr-Peller Cat Teaser Wand

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