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Zebedee Pouncer 100cm Long (39 inch) Spiral Coil - Fits the Zebedee Pouncer Rods

This listing is for the 100cm Long (39 inch) Spring Coil Part Only! - Use this listing to buy the 100cm short coil part on it's own.

The bright yellow & black spiral coils attach to the Zebedee Pouncer rods via a strong black plastic lobster clasp which is very easy to use.

The Zebedee Pouncer Spiral Coils are made with all plastic materials. No Metal hooks or eyes.

With the Zebedee Pouncer rod and spiral coils, you can make the end prey attachment slink and slither in a different way than a string cord. The snake action provides a different type of movement to the end prey toy than regular fishing rod string style toys.

The long coils are best suited for ground hunt play and in a larger area or in the garden.

  • Strong black plastic connection to the Zebedee Rods.

  • Light weight smaller yellow plastic clip to attach prey toys (No metal hook near your furkid)

  • All plastic - No metal parts.

  • Attractive Black & Yellow design.

  • Replaceable incase of a "chew through"

    Handmade in the UK with Top Quality UK sourced materials.

    Price quoted is for 1 100cm Spiral Coil.