Frenzy Sheepie Refill

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Normally $8.95. Discounted by 16.2%

Frenzy Sheepie Refill - Fits Da Bird & Frenzy Cat wand Toys Another superb refill in the Frenzy range handmade in the UK.

The Frenzy Sheepie refill is made from strips of 100% genuine British sheepskin.

With the Frenzy Interactive Wand, you can put life into the toy, so that the target at the end of the string can wiggle, creep, fly or dart around the room, or garden. Your cats' speed and grace will amaze you as they dash around trying to capture the prey!

We only use British produced sheepskins (a byproduct of British food chain) to ensure that the livestock are free roaming outdoor reared and treated humanely according to our strict animal welfare laws. The hides are also processed and tanned in the UK to ensure they are of the finest quality available. A totally British Product.

The connection to the wand toy is via a strong cord. A bell is also included separately in the package as an optinal item for sound attraction, simply attach the bell to the clip on the end of the string.

The Frenzy Sheepie refill is approximately 13cm long and 9cmm wide. Size varies

Simply clip on to play!

Available in various single and dual colours.

Add a bit of variety to your Da Bird or Frenzy rod toys with this fun attachment!

Safety – Supervised interactive play only. Please keep the refill stored safely out of reach from your cat when not in use with play as the natural instinct of a cat is to pluck their prey after the kill. To complete a cat’s natural hunt, catch, kill, eat cycle, use the Frenzy wand and refills as a hunt exercise toy and some feathers for the kill instinct and cat treats for afterwards to complete the cycle.

Please remove the bell from the toy by snipping the bell part from the cord, if you feel your cat prefers no sound attraction or if you feel it may be a hazard to your cat.

Price quoted is for 1 Frenzie Sheepie Refill.