Nekkid Ewe Teez Attachment

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The natural 'Nekkid Ewe Teez' is made of strips of fluffy, white sheep skin that are approx 4" long. the 'Nekkid Ewe Teez' is adored with 4 strips of ribbon & has a jingle bell for hours of fun with your cat. This toy stimulates your feline friend through sight, sound & smell.

Your cat will simply LOVE this teaser.

A metal ring allows you to attach to your choice of teaser wand.These attachments are suitable for use with the Clarion Baton, Frenzy Wand and the Da Bird Wands.

All materials used to make the Nekkid Ewe Teez attachment come from the USA and are assembled in the USA.

Please note that the wand is NOT included in the price.

Another quality attachment bin our range.

Colours of the ribbon may vary.

Price quoted is for 1 Nekkid Ewe Teez Attachment.