Feather Frenzy Fury

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The Frenzy Feather Fury Refill is another fantastic Frenzy attachment for your Da Bird, Hyendry or Frenzy Cat wand.

The Frenzy Feather Fury is bright and colourful and made from many super soft turkey feathers (Chandelle). The feathers are bound to a cord core which is securely fixed in a plastic tube to clip on to a wand.

The toy can come alive as you can make the Feather Frenzy Fury wiggle, creep or fly. Your cat will endeavour to capture the prey by any available means.

The feathers used are very soft and so naturally in time the feathers will become detached or ripped from the cord core. A natural behaviour of cats is that any birds they catch, they will pluck them before eating. So it is advisable to pack away the Frenzy Feather Refill after play to preserve the toy.


Simply clip the Feather Fury onto your wand and let play begin.

Colours will vary.

Another great attachment to add variety to your Da Bird, Hyendry or Frenzy wands.

As with all toys, supervise all interactive play. 

Price quoted is for 1 Feather Frenzy Fury.