Drinkwell Cleaning Kit

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Just like any other food or water bowl for pets, the Drinkwell Pet Fountain should be cleaned routinely in order to keep the product running smoothly and to provide your pet with the freshest possible water. The Drinkwell Cleaning Kit provides product owners with a convenient and easy solution to keep their fountain clean!

Cleaning Kit:

·             Keep your fountain cleaner by getting to the hard-to-reach spots

·             Gives your fountain longer life

·             Good for all Drinkwell Fountains


2 in. diameter brush with a flared tip helps clean corners and edges in the fountain housing.
5/8 in. diameter brush cleans the intake tube.
3/8 in. diameter brush cleans the inside of the motor cavity.

The fountain should be cleaned about once a week. The inside of the motor should be cleaned about every 2 weeks to prevent food and hair from blocking the motor.

Price quoted is for 1 Drinkwell Cleaning Kit.