Purrfect Wispy Bouncer Cat Toy

Vee Enterprises
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WispyBouncer includes natural peacock flue for gentle-touch, quiet action that is perfect for shy cats. Perfect size for indoor play and timid cats!

The WispyBouncer features

  • Iridescent Wispy Peacock Flue. Length of which is approximately 13cm 
  • Natural Feathers, leaving peacock scent to stimulate your cat!
  • 45cm of tinted perspex wand
  • 6" Springy Flex Cable

 Cleverly designed to enhance your cat`s enjoyment, the flexi-neck wand gives this toy lots of wiggle and bounce to keep your cat engaged and bring out their hunting instincts.The PURRfect range of cat teasers and wands give you and your cat the ultimate in interactive playtime.

Vee Enterprises handcrafts each Purrfect Cat Toy in the USA.

Price quoted is for 1 Purrfect Wispy Bouncer Cat Toy