Dr Noys Swizzle Stick

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Dr Noys Swizzle Teaser is truly one of the most entertaining toys on the market.

Suitable for both active and inactive cats, they find it is irresistible. It will provide hours of fun with its furry body and removable feather tip. Witness your cat continuously stalk, pounce and acrobatically leap at this teaser. The question is who will tire first- you or your cat.

Safety has been ensured as it is without metal pieces or strings that can be swallowed and has been constructed from the softest leopard print furry material.

It is 100% machine washable.

The length of the toy is 1.58 m (62 inches) which includes a 43 cm (17 inch) plastic wand.

Colours and patterns will vary.

Weighs 45g.

Price is for 1 Dr Noys Swizzle Stick.