Stoneware Pedestal Bowl-Dry Food- Pink

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The Stoneware Pedestal Bowls are elegant, eye-catching and extremely functional.

This Stoneware Pedestal Bowl is designed specifically for dry food or water.

The heavy durable construction makes these one piece raised dishes very stable. The pedestal weighs more than the dish, therefore they will not tip or slide with normal use.

Made from Stoneware, the Pedestal Bowls are both dishwasher and microwave safe. As Stoneware is not porous, they will not absorb food odours or bacteria as plastic does. This is unhealthy and can lead to skin conditions such as feline acne and mouth ulcers.

The glazes used on these Pedestal Bowls are lead-free making them safe for your pet to feed from. The glazes are airbrushed onto the bowl, whereby the colour effectively  goes from dark colour and slowly becomes lighter. A very effecting painting technique.

I think the most important feature of the Pedestal Bowls, and why I have added them to our product range, is that the bowl is raised to a comfortable level for your pet to eat from. This raised will will aid in your pet's digestion.Raised dishes also help prevent vomiting that is often caused by a reflex muscle in the throat that reacts when a pet lifts their head after eating from a level below their stomach.  An empty stomach can also cause vomiting because of acid build up.

The Pedestal bowls will greatly assist aged or arthritic cats who find it difficult to stoop down to floor level to feed.  

The Dry Food bowl is 5" in diameter, which is narrower than the Wet Food Bowl and is deeper than the Wet Food Bowl. The Dry Food Bowl keeps the food contained better contained and the water is kept cooler and better tasting in the ceramic bowl. The elevated bowl helps keep the water cleaner, avoiding dust and other particles. The turned in rim helps keep the water from spilling from the bowl.

Available in five colours- pink, blue, green, black and white.

The Stoneware Bowls are available for either Dry Food or Wet Food.