Master Grooming Tools Rainbow Greyhound Combs

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Our European-style Master Grooming Tools™ Rainbow Grooming Combs are constructed from steel and feature a shimmering coating that produces a fashionable, rainbow-like effect.


The  Master Grooming Tools™ Rainbow Grooming Combs were designed by groomers specifically to increase comfort and reduce the risk of injury. Versatile combs are an essential tool for fluffing, detangling, and removing dead hair from medium to long-haired dogs and cats.


The Rainbow Grooming Combs have hardened steel teeth that are drilled into the solid brass steel-plated spine. The non-slip spine is contoured for a better grip and for ease of use.


The Master Grooming Tools Rainbow Grooming Comb is guaranteed for life.


Use daily on long-coated breeds between groomings to prevent mats and tangles. While grooming, use immediately following slicker brush to check for remaining tangles.


The Face and Finishing Comb is the perfect size for working around faces, ears, eyes and hard to reach areas.


Rainbow Greyhound Combs are available in Fine/Coarse and Medium/Coarse styles and the Face and Finishing Comb.


The approximate size of the combs are:

     Rainbow Face and Finishing Comb

4 1/2"

     Rainbow Greyhound Medium/Coarse Comb

7 1/2"

     Rainbow Greyhound Fine/Coarse Comb

7 1/2"



Price quoted is for 1 Rainbow Greyhound Comb.