Brown Tail Cat Lure with Wand

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Simply irresistible!

Simple in design, but very entertaining, the Brown Tail Cat Lure will be a winner with your cat or kitten.

This lure is made from fur and is approximately 5cm in length. Colour can vary from a light grey to a dark brown. A couple of glittery strands are added for effect.

The Brown Tail Cat Lure is attached by a thin flexible wire that is much more durable than the majority of available teasers.

Length of wand is approximately 46cm and is made from a nylon wand, which the manufacturer has stated is unbreakable.

Colour of the Brown Tail Cat Lure will vary.

Replacement lures (without wand)  will be available at a later date.

Price quoted is for 1 Brown Tail Cat Lure with Wand.