Red, White and Black Fish Lure with Wand

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Normally $17. Discounted by $24%.

What's for dinner?

The Red,White and Black Fish Lure is approximately 9cm in length including tail feather. The picture again does not capture the beauty of this lure.

The head of the fish is made from a sisal like material and the body is constructed from deer hair and feathers. The colour of the fish is red, white and black.

To discourage chewing, and increase durability, the fish is attached by a thin thread of flexible wire.

Length of wand is approximately 46cm and is made from a nylon, unbreakable rod.

Colour of the Fish Lure is as shown, but may vary slightly.

Replacement lures (without wand) will be available at a later date.

Price quoted is for 1 Red, White and Black Lure with wand