Sparkling Tickler Teaser

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Your cat will love this cat tickler which consists of very soft colourful marabou feathers with a cluster of coloured reflective mylar in the top centre of the feathers, all attached to an 18" (457mm) flexible plastic rod. Makes a wonderful rustling noise when waved around which will entice your cat to play with it. This Sparkling Tickler by Da Bird makes a great interactive toy for you and your cat to have some feline fun with.

Supervised play only. Hide away while not in use.

Made from top quality materials.

Colours will vary.

Approximate wand length is 45.7 cm  (Part of rod covered by feathers).

Approximate length (including feathers) is 50.8 cm (20 inches).

Price quoted is for 1 Sparkling Tickler Teaser.