Mini Pom Cascade

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Discounted by 33%. Normally $8.99

Our Mini Pom Cascade teaser is another unique teaser that is suitable for kittens or shy, timid cats to play with. Also a perfect choice of teaser where space is limited.

If your kitten or cat loves to chase, then imagine the heaven she will be in trying to catch 5 mini poms at once.

Five mini, sparkly poms are attached by strong elastic rope which is approximately 26cm in length, with a gold bell, and are attached to a 10" or 25cm black flex wand.

The mini poms are approximately 2cm in diameter and are spaced approximately 2cm apart.

The manufacturer has designed the wand to be suitable for all breeds of cat.

All play should be supervised. 

The colour of the poms will vary.

Price quoted is for 1 Mini Pom Cascade.