Nina Ottosson Cat/Dog Spinny

Nina Ottosson
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Normally $44.95. Discounted by 22.13%

An activating rotating game for your cat or dog and you

Suitable for both cats and dogs, the Dog Spinny has a single removable bone that has to be dislodged by your pet, who can then rotate the top section to access treats in the compartments below. By gradually reducing the number of treats, you can encourage them to work harder.

This toy is classified as suitable for beginners, so it is a simple toy to master. Also suitable for all ages and all sizes of pets.

Made from plastic, the Dog Spinny is easy to clean.

To change the game, mix some pet food with water, and pour some of the mixture in the hollows. Then put the game in the freezer and let it set. This is perfect for hot days or when your pet needs some extra activity. Supervision is required.

 Do not let the dog/cat chew or bite the toy, only play with it together with your dog/cat, and do not leave the dog/cat unattended, the dog/cat must not play with or chew the blocks. Put away when the game is over. Designed for dogs and cats, and not for children. 

Hide some treats in the depressions under the rotating discs. Let your dog/cat turn the disc with its paw or nose in order to find the hidden goodies through the hole in the rotating disc.

The degree of difficulty increases if you place the white plastic block in the hole of the rotating disc. One can tie a string through the hole in the block to make it easier for your pet to lift the blocks away. Colour may vary.

Weighs approximately 400g.

Diameter is approximately 28.5cm.

 Price quoted is for 1 Nina Ottosson Dog Spinny.