Snugglesafe Microwave Heat Pad **Back in Stock**

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Give your pet a warm and comfortable bed to snuggle up in. Just heat the Snuggle Safe in the microwave for a few minutes, then slip it into any pet bed where it will provide up to 12 hours of warmth. The thermapol interior of the heat pad goes through physical changes, resulting in a stable, even, heat temperature of about 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature is warm enough to keep your pet cozy yet safe enough not to burn your pet. Pad is non-toxic, environmentally friendly and never needs to be refilled. Snuggle Safe is ideal for comforting new pets as well as offering therapeutic warmth to older or arthritic animals.

The unique microwave heat pad, designed especially for use in animals' beds. A 210mm round disc (the size of a dinner plate), that fits into any microwave oven and snuggly into any pet’s bed.

There is no electric wiring to worry about so there are no nasty shocks in that department. There is no scalding water to spill out. The tough outer casing is bite resistant and hygienically wipe clean. There is no safer way to keep any animal warm and comfortable.

Ideal for every animal that needs a heat source. It’s ideal during the day – either at home or when travelling– and it’s ideal at night in bed. Cats particularly love it as their favourite warm spot.

Not only domestic pet owners use it, Vets, breeders, rescue centres and rehabilitation homes across the world find SnuggleSafe a necessity. Newborn animals, elderly pets and sick animals depend on it.

It is even used by farmers to help with newborn animals such as lambs. Specialist animal care centres such as the Cat Protection League use SnuggleSafe every day.