Cosmic Catnip Banana

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Charming banana shaped cat toy is filled with Cosmic Catnip. The aroma is just incredible - your cat will love it!


This brightly coloured Cosmic catnip banana toy is made from soft but strong material and filled with the very potent popular Cosmic catnip. Cosmic catnip is the result of years of research into the culture and processing of this herb. It is the world's No. 1 leading catnip brand and is fresher, more potent, aromatic and longer lasting than other brands. Grown in America for that extra special blend it is an exceptionally strong catnip which stimulates and encourages play in your cat.

Your cat will have great fun playing with this banana, rolling over and bunny kicking it.

Each banana measures approximately 6-1/2" long or 16.5cm.


Weighs approximately 45g.


Price quoted is for 1 Catnip Banana.