SmartCat Combination Scratcher

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This combination Scratcher is a versatile Scratcher. It can be placed on the floor or mounted on the wall for an exciting indoor climbing device that your cats will love. Some cats prefer to scratch horizontally and others prefer to scratch vertically.

Cats need a scratching post to help them tone their muscles, to remove old nail sheaths from their claws and to help relieve stress.

The Combination Scratcher is made from woven sisal which is much more durable than wound sisal. It naturally inspires scratching.

The finest materials and workmanship guarantee that this scratcher will remain attractive, useful and long- lasting.

This is the easy and space efficient way to have multiple scratchers in your home. Mount several scratchers near one another on your wall and watch your cat jump from one to the next- like their very own kitty gym.

Rubber feet on the bottom of your Combination Scratcher ensures that your hardwood floors are not damaged. They also provide stability and prevent slipping while on the floor.

Suits any home decor as it is neutrally toned.

Weighs 2.5kg.

Measures 61cm x 35cm x 6.5cm

SmartCat Training Tips

  • Place the post in a room where the cat spends a lot of time. Cats often like to stretch and scratch when they wake up from a nap.
  • To introduce the post to your cat try using catnip as a lure. (For most cats a lure is unnecessary, but fun.) Rub catnip onto the sisal material and call the cat over to the post.
  • Scratch your nails along the surface of the material. This will attract the cat and at the same time teach him where to scratch.
  • After your cat begins to scratch, praise him and give him a food treat. (Small kittens can be trained to climb the post by showing them food treats and placing it at the top of the post.
  • If your cat has already been scratching a piece of furniture, place the post directly in front of it.
  • Temporarily cover the previously scratched areas with a few strips of double-sided carpet tape or clear double-sided tape strips that are designed for this purpose. This will help redirect your cat's scratching activities to the post.

Price quoted is for 1 SmartCat Combination Scratcher.