Who Rules Your Household?

I think we all know the answer to this question. But lets take a look.

If your cat takes a dislike to a friend, do you start to have reservations or doubts about them?

Are the first presents purchased for Christmas for your cat?

Do you sleep in the same position all night, so as to not disturb your cat?

With rageing cramps, do you still not move so as to not disturb your cat?

When you arrive home from work, do you feed your cat first or start to prepare your own dinner?

Do you prefer to stay at home rather than go on a bad date? An average date?

Do you warm your cat's food in the oven?

Do you cook them a leg of lamb or a beef roast for an occasional treat?

When you are dead tired, do you still manage to fit in some quality playtime with your cat?

If your cat has problem teeth, do you on a daily basis measure out Breathalyser in their water bowls and put dental gel on their teeth?

Is the picture in your wallet that of your spouse, children or your cat(s)?

Do your search the internet for new and exciting toys for your cat?

In cold weather, do you cover your cat lying on the lounge with a blanket or put the heater on to keep your cat warm?

Do you allow your cat to sleep in your bed?

Do you end up with 1/10 of the bed space, while your cat fully stretches out across 9/10 of the bed? Does it cross your mind to actually move your cat so that you sleep more comfortably?

Do you achieve much in your spare time, or end up nursing your cat and getting next to nothing done?

While shopping do you often forget the essentials such as bread, milk or cereal, but never forget the cat food or kitty litter?

Have you sent out Christmas cards featuring a cute photo of you cat?

Do you have several photo albums featuring only your cat?

Do you delay washing the sheets early in the day because your cat is still in bed and asleep?

If a visitor arrived on the doorstep who disliked cats, would you speak to them outside or lock your cat in a room away from the visitor until they left?

Do you specially grow cat grass for your cat so that they are safe from pesticides or harmful chemicals?

If the remote was out of your reach and your cat was asleep on your lap, would you continue to watch an uninteresting TV show rather than disturb your sleeping beauty?

Would you prefer to spend the day at home with your cats or go to work (excluding the money factor)?

When on holidays, do you make several phone calls ensuring your cat is well and happy?

When on holidays, do you start to get homesick or do you just miss your cat?

If you have to get out of bed throughout the night, do you climb over the bedhead or the end of the bed, so as not to disturb your cat?

Have you ever left the TV on or purchased cat entertainment DVD's to ensure that your cat isn't lonely or bored while you have stepped out for a while?

Does your cat get a sampling of turkey on Christmas Day? Or some other special meal?

Do you allow your cat to drink out of your favourite crystal bowl?

If the dinner you serve your cat is not to their liking and they walk away in disgust, do you then serve up something that you know they will love?