Why Cats Are Better Than Men

·             It takes little time to train a cat, but it takes a lifetime to train a man.

·             A cat left on its own can fend for itself, but a man cannot.

·             A cat rarely misses the litter tray, which cannot be said for a man and a toilet seat.

·             A cat provides unconditional love.

·             When you are sick, a cat barely leaves your side, a man will only be there if he has to be.

·             Cats aren't obsessed with losing their hair.

·             It is expected that a cat sleeps all day, but a man that lays in bed all day is lazy and annoying and not at all cute.

·             After a hard day at work, a cat greeting you at the door makes you instantly forget the bad day. A man waiting at the door is wanting his dinner cooked.

·             You never have to question a cat's loyalty.

·             A cat doesn't require constant attention.

·             A cat matures when it grows older, a man reverts to childhood.

·             A cat doesn't channel surf when you are trying to watch your favourite TV show.

·             There is no tug of war with blankets and doonas when you sleep with your cat.

·             Cats don't care and don't comment if you put on a couple of kilos.

·             You don't have to pretend to like your cat's mother. Nor do you have to regularly visit her.

·             A cat knows that you are the centre of her happiness. A man thinks he is the key to your happiness.

·             A cat's brain controls their actions, a different organ controls a man's actions.

·             You only have to lightly pet your cat to satisfy him/her.

·             Cats don't show love without meaning it.

·             Cats have no problem in expressing affection in public.

·             Cats only expect food, water and a clean litter box. Men expect- the list is far too long!

·             When a cat is a little off colour, they simply rest and sleep and prefer to be alone. A man in the same situation ensures that you suffer along with him and tries to convince you that he is dying.

·             Cats can be neutered if they stray. If only that also applied to men.

·             A cat wears a collar and tag and is microchipped to indicate they belong to a loving family. A man can be single or married and wear nothing to indicate that this is the case. Maybe men should be tattooed with their marital status.

·             When you go out on a girl's night out, a cat is simply happy when you arrive home safely. A man questions you as to who you were with, where did you go, who did you meet, did anyone buy you drinks etc

·             Looking after a cat is so simple. Pour out some dry food, cut up some raw meat. keep fresh water in their bowl, regularly brush them, and spend some quality time playing with them. There is no ironing, no clothes washing, no picking clothes up off the floor, and no spending hours in the kitchen preparing a meal.