Looks and Purrsonality Too

Without a doubt the Persian is one of the most popular pedigree cats in Australia. With its long, luxurious coat, it epitomises the pedigree cat to many people.

Persians are famous for their gentle, placid nature and it is perhaps this trait that makes them both an ideal exhibition cat and house pet. They have a soft melodious voice and, although not shy, may be relatively undemonstrative

However their most famous feature is definitely their beautiful coat. There are about thirty different colour patterns including white, black, blue, chocolate, lilac, red, cream, smoke, tabby and tortoiseshell. Owners must be prepared to groom their cats daily -if not their coat quickly becomes very matted and tangled which can lead to all sorts of skin disorders and stress. If the coat becomes too matted it may require professional attention. Persians do not mind being groomed, in fact they love it. Some people say it builds a special bond between cat and owner. So if you are thinking of taking on the
responsibility of owning a Persian, there is no excuse for not grooming daily.

Persians moult heavily twice a year and because of their long coat they are also more susceptible to fur-balls than other cats. However with proper, daily grooming this risk is reduced.

Persian queens make ideal mothers producing approximately two to three kittens per litter. The kittens are born with a short coat but by the age of six weeks their beautiful coat has started to develop and gentle grooming can begin. The full adult coat starts to develop after the second moult however it is very important to get the kittens used to being groomed from an early age.

Unlike their exotic cousins, Persians have a flat face with a snub nose and a short, thick ‘cobby’ body. Their facial features often give them a bad-tempered appearance but as mentioned, they are generally good natured. However they do not like being teased and so are not the best choice as a pet for young children.

If your idea of the perfect cat is one that not only has a beautiful nature but looks magnificent and you are willing to spend the time required to care for its coat, the Persian is definitely the cat for you.

Article Courtesy of Petcare Information and Advisory Service Australia