All About the Egyptian Mau

egyptian mau
the only naturally spotted breed of domesticated cat
  • more temperature sensitive than most breeds- fond of very warm temperatures
  • more sensitive to medicines and anesthesia
  • unusually long gestational period-73 days (other cats have around 69 days)
  • fastest breed of domestic cat
  • cat can run up to 36 mph (giraffes also run at this speed)

    Coat Colours

    • spots are on the coat and on their skin
    • Maus come in five colours:

    -silver - hair is dense and resilient in texture

    - smoke - hair is silky and fine in texture and accomodates two or more bands of ticking separated by lighter bands

    - brown

    - black

    - pewter- hair is dense and resilient in texture and accomodates two or more bands of ticking separated by lighter bands

    • Solid Black and dilute colours such as Blue Silver, Blue Spotted, Blue Smoke and the Solid Blue are not for showing
    • Colour coat can take up to 15 months to develop



    • musical voices- chirp, chortle and other distinctly unusual vocalisations when stimulated
    • alert and moderately active
    • delightful personality
    • extremely intelligent
    • places great importance on human family and their own
    • fiercely loyal
    • they express their happiness by chortling in a soft melodious voice and wiggling their tails at great speed while treading with their forepaws
    • nature seems to be fearful and gun shy, hiding under furniture when company arrives
    • hands on socialisation during kittenhood to ensure a well adjusted cat. Otherwise they may growl and hiss in the presence of a new or uncomfortable position.
    • always seeking company
    • quite clingy to owner and may single out one family member
    • inbred cats have been reported to have a higher incidence of respiratory disease, intestinal disease and neurological problems
    • well balanced physically and temperamentally
    • companionable, curious and charming
    • easy to groom, requiring minimum attention
    • likes company
    • likes to exercise. Can be trained to a harness and lead



    •  Medium sized, short haired
    • medium length, muscular body
    • striking appearance
    • hind legs are longer than the front, gives the appearance of standing on tip toes when upright.
    • longer hind legs result in great speed
    • loose skin flap on the lower abdomen, similar to the cheetah, which allows a longer stride while running, again contributing to its great speed (primordial flap)
    • all Maus have gooseberry green eyes. An amber cast is acceptable up to 18 months
    • elegant, randomly spotted body, banded legs and tail
    • distinctive mascara lines
    • graceful cheetah- like stride
    • ears are medium and large and set well back on the head
    • eyes are round, almond shape
    • neck is muscular and arched
    • coat is short, fine and silky and lies very flat against the body
    • the Silver has a brick red nose and black paw pads
    • the Bronze has a brick red nose with a light brown ground colour paw pads
    • wedge shaped head with rounded contours and no flat planes
    • males tend to be larger than females
    • five toes in front, four behind
    • tremendous strength
    • athletic