All About The Burmese Cat

  • Due to cross- breeding, the Burmese cat closely resembles the Siamese Cat
  • There are many colour variations in Burmese Cats.


      - Brown - a rich, warm seal brown     

      - Blue - soft blue-grey with a silver sheen                   

      - Chocolate - a warm, milk chocolate

      - Lilac - dove grey with a mauve tinge

      - Red - Tangarine

      - Cream

      - Brown Tortie - Brown with shades of red

      - Blue Tortie - Blue with shades of cream

      - Chocolate Tortie - Chocolate with shades of red

      - Lilac Tortie - lilac with shades of cream


  • An exotic looking cat
  • Highly intelligent

In fact they are known as the 'dog of the cat world' . They can be taught to retrieve toys or paper balls and like dogs, tend to shadow their owners so as to give and receive attention. It is not unusual on arrival home, to be greeted by your Burmese at the door.

  • Affectionate nature
  • a Very sweet natured breed
  • Extremely loyal
  • A very social cat

They dislike being alone. If you are away a lot, it is better to have two cats to keep each other company.

  • Burmese have a laidback nature
  • Playful

They retain their kittenish curiosity and playfulness throughout their life

  • Strong, athletic and elegant

Excellent muscle tone. The Burmese is powerfully built and is generally heavy for their size. Medium sized cat. Females are generally smaller than males.

  • Sleek, shorthaired coat

Easy to groom. Their coat is satin-like in texture and very glossy.

  • Low maintenance cat
  • Ideal family pet
  • Less vocal than the siamese

Although they are prepared to hold long conversations with its owners.

  • Love to climb

It is advisable to provide scratching poles so that they do not use furniture to sharpen their claws. Some training may be needed.

  • Burmese kittens are known for their inquisitive nature.
  • Burmese are generally lactose intolerant
  • Mostly outgoing and accept strangers

As a result they tend to wander and there is a high incidence of Burmese that go missing. It is best to keep your Burmese inside. They adapt very well to living indoors.

  • Their eyes are all shades of yellow to amber, golden yellow is preferred. They should be bright and alert.
  • Lifespan is 15 + years
  • Burmese usually have large litters, between 6 and 8 kittens.
  • Burmese cats rarely overeat
  • Susceptible to a condition called Hypokalemia. The blood potassium levels drop which initially cause cramping and then paralysis. It is advisable to test while they are young. If positive, the condition can be treated with an oral supplement. Consult your veterinarian about this condition.

In summary, Burmese Cats are intelligent and affectionate and are interested in everything that humans do. They are an exotic looking cat and are the perfect addition to any family. They require plenty of company and if you can't spend the time with them, then having two Burmese cats would be a better option. Life is never dull with two Burmese!