Man Wrestles Leopard That Crawls Into His Bed

It was reported in the SMH on May 29 2007, that a 49 year old nature guide at an Israeli Nature Park woke to find a wild leopard in his bed. Being familiar with animals, he succeeded in holding the leopard down without harming it until park rangers arrived to help.

The positive side of the story is that the nature guide was unharmed, which may not have been the case if the cat had been in better health. The Leopard was in a very weak condition when captured. Nature officials would assess the leopard's health, and would release him back into the wild once it had recovered.

Several leopards had been spotted near this small community in the Negev Deser in Sothern Israel, but none had been reported entering a private home before. Officials concluded that it was the lure of food and not curiosity which motivated this visitor to enter the home. An old, sick or weak cat would be too frail to hunt in the wild and an easier meal would be to target domestic cats and dogs. It was most likely the guide's cat that the leopard was interested in.