Clawless Kitty Chases Bear Up Tree

CBC News on the 10th June 2006, reported that a 10 year old New Jersey Tabby, all of 7kg, and declawed, named Jack, chased a black bear up a tree, when it wandered onto his neighbour's property.

Jack remained at the bottom of the tree to ensure that the bear could not escape, while the bear clung tightly to the tree. After 15 minutes, the bear climbed down the tree and ran off, while Jack followed closely on its heel. The bear climbed a second tree to escape the hissing, territorial feline. It wasn't until Jack's owner called the cat home, that the bear could again climb down the second tree and return to the woods. Jack's owner neglected to praise the brave feline, but indicated that her cat may have mistaken the bear for the family's chocolate labrador retriever.

That could have been one BIG mistake!