Peternity Leave in the UK

February 14 2007

Companies such as Royal Mail and Bank of Scotland in the UK, have introduced 'peternity leave' in recognition that pets are an integral part of the family. Google have updated their Company Policy to allow employees to bring pets to work.

This additional leave, could make companies more attractive to potential employees.

On the Google website, strict guidelines are set down, as to where dogs can and cannot go on company premises. Pets with fleas will be sent homeuntil the problem is solved and it is the owner's responsibility to clean up after their pet.

Lawyers in the UK are concerned about the possible legal minefield for employers regarding pet care.

Even in Australia, there are indications that we are moving, at a slower rate, in this direction. I recently was interviewed for a job where it was made clear that I must like dogs as the owner's dog attends each day. Even the leave provisions are unclear as to whether a family member includes a beloved pet. Even solicitors are unsure which way the courts would interpret the meaning.