Cat Fishin Fishfly (3 piece rod and refill)

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The Cat Fishin' Rod has arrived!  The molded grip handle is unlike any other rod!  Nano Paracord is used from the Atwood Rope Company that is Made in the USA and a super easy snap swivel! This is a flexible, sturdy, and durable rod. The Cat Lures, Cat Fishin' Rod comes in 3 easily stored pieces. Connect the rod in seconds and attach any Cat Lure your cat loves. In this case you have puchased the Cat Lures FishFly! 

Handcrafted using the same all-natural fibers that created the original Go Cat Feather Toys Cat Catcher and is the #1 rated interactive ground prey cat toy. 

Cat Lures are handwoven the same way the CAT CATCHER is made giving it the same texture cats love! Colours were then added with non-toxic color fast all-natural dyes. 

Cat Lures come with a loop that attaches easily to the snap swivel on the Go Cat Super Rod, Cat Catcher and Da Bird Rod.

Rod length once put together is approximately 42cm in length or 17".

Cord is approximately 91.5 cm in length or 36" and has been tested to be safe for up to 30 pounds weight.

Price quoted is for 1 Cat Fishin Fishfly.