Purrs Feather Crinkle Pomz Attachment

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Normally $9.00. Discounted by 11.11%

This attachment has two mylar crinkly 3.5cm pompoms dangling off a colourful rainbow satin cord and fluffy marabou feathers at the top. The colourful Pomz bounce with a crinkly sound  as you play with this attachment on the wands. The pomz also move through the feathers so if your furkid grabs one pom, the other one (as you slowly pull the wand) will move closer to the feathers.

The Feather Crinkle Pomz is approximately 22cm long from hook to pom tops.  Feathers are approximately 8cm long.

The connection to the wand toys is via a strong braided Nylon hook on the front (No metal).

Suitable for use with Da Bird, Hyendry and Frenzy wands.

Simply clip on and play.

Colours will vary.

Price quoted is for 1 Purrs Feather Crinkle Pomz Attachment.