Hyendry Clarion Wand $9.50

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The Hyendry  clarion batons are made of extra-strength 1/4 inch diameter clear acrylic which allows the wand to be flexible, but yet extremely durable. We have compared our clarion batons to many teaser toy wands and our clarion batons are simply the best cat teaser toy wands on the market. Plus, the acrylic rods are made in the USA.

Our regular clarion baton comes in 2 different lengths to perfectly meet your needs. The length of each baton has been designed to produce optimum control for the pet owner and "teaser action" for the catsOur clarion batons come with a high strength woven Spectra fiber line that boasts a 65 pound tensile strength and a locking hook that is designed to attach any of our cat teasers and most other brands of cat teaser toys! The lines on our batons are designed to be strong enough to last a long time!

Length is 12"

Price quoted is for 1 Clarion Wand