Stoneware Pedestal Bowl-Wet Food- Black

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These Stoneware Pedestal bowls are designed specifically for Wet or Fresh Food.

With all the features of the Dry Food Bowl, these bowls are truly gorgeous and attractive in design.

Each Wet food Bowl is 6 inches in diameter. The extra width and being slightly more shallow than the Dry Food Bowl, helps to ensure your pet's whiskers will not be irritated and that the food is easily accessible. The turned in rim helps to keep the food contained.

The height of the bowl is approximately 5 1/2 inches.

The depth of the bowl is approximately 1 inch.

The capacity of the bowl is approximately 1 cup.

Weighs approximately 1035g.

Price quoted is for 1 Stoneware Pedestal Bowl for Wet/Canned or Fresh Food.