Play-n-Squeak Raffiamouse

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From the soft canvas to the crinkly raffia, your cat will adore these natural materials and textures and play for hours.

Cats are natural hunters. Even when living amongst humans, a cat's motivation to hunt remains strong. With no natural prey, they express their hunting instincts by chasing imaginary prey. Play-N-Squeak toys are meant to fuel your cat's natural hunting instinct and vent pent-up energy.

Featuring an electronic sound module that produces amazingly realistic mouse squeak that cats love, Play-N-Squeak toys are perfect for healthy mental and physical stimulation - it keeps them alert, agile and healthy.

Approximately 6.5cm in length plus the tail is another 8cm in length.

Weighs 25g.

Price quoted is for 1 Play-n-Squeak Raffiamouse.