Cat Walks 150km to Return to Owner

March 1 2007

An eight year old New Zealand cat called Molly, disappeared while she was holidaying with her owner at Pauanui in New Zealand's north island during October 2006.

It took Molly, the moggie, four months and 150km to find her way back to her owner in Hamilton. To further illustrate the spectacular navigational skills of the cat, the owner and Molly had only lived there for three weeks.

Cats are known to have an instinctive ability to find their way home. It is thought that they use the magnetic fields of the earth, the sun and their own biological clocks to return home. Molly had neither an id tag or any other form of identification, so it seems to exclude the kind act of a stranger in being responsible for her arriving home. Molly was in excellent condition after her ordeal - somewhat lighter but eager for a prepared meal.

Who questions the love of a cat?