Effects of Aging on Your Cat

Aging can effect your cat in many ways:

  • Muscle tone decreases reducing ability to run and jump
  • Older cats may suffer from poor appetite
  • They are less likely to groom their coats as often or as well
  • They may have problems with using the litter box
  • They have increased risk of dental decay

You can assist them along the way by providing them with them good, nutritious food that they like. Pay special attention to their intake of fresh water as they can become easily dehydrated. You can check for dehydration by lifting the skin on the back of the cat and letting go. It should bounce back fairly quickly. If it does not, they are definitely dehydrated. This can be a dangerous situation for them and you should take them to your vet.



A lot of health problems can occur if they have dental decay. It is a good idea to have their teeth cleaned from around 7 to 8 years of age. Gingivitis could be a chronic problem and needs to be treated. Painful teeth and inflamed gums can cause them to stop eating.

Kidney failure is a frequent health problem in older cats. Early detection and treatment along with special foods recommended by your vet can help your cat live with this disease for quite a few years.

Give him a warm bed in the sun and put down a few cushions next to his favorite couch to make it easier for him to climb up. You can even consider getting him an electric heating pad as he may feel the cold more easily.

He can live well into his teens, even though he may not look quite as pretty as he did as a kitten, and he may totter around just a little on his feet. As your cat ages, remember to be more patient with him and provide him with quality care you would provide to any other family member


Article Courtesy of Alley Cat Rescue   http://www.saveacat.org