A Unique Cat - The Cymric

The Cymric cat whose name is derived from the Gaelic word for Wales, was
previously known as the Long Haired Manx, and it shares with its ‘cousin’, the Manx, the unique feature of being a tail-less cat

The absence of a tail is due to a mutant dominant gene which makes the Manx and Cymric cats difficult to breed.

The ideal Cymric cat has absolutely no hint of a tail and is known as a “Rumpy”. “Rumpy-risers” have a small knob of tail and “Stumpies” have a tail of between 2cm to 15cms long. “Longies” have a full length tail.

The Cyrmic is a solid, compact, medium sized cat with short front legs set well apart to show off the broad chest, and the back legs longer than front ones making the hindquarters of the cat higher than the forequarters.

The head is fairly broad and round, with prominent cheeks and a chubby appearance and large round eyes.

The coat is semi-long, dense and springy, with a shorter, soft undercoat over-layed with a longer, shiny outer coat that is longer around the neck and continues down the chest to form a shirt front, and on the hindquarters to form breeches.

The ears are well-furnished with moderate ear tufts.

This unique cat is intelligent and faithful, loves human company and is good natured and very affectionate.


Article Courtesy of Petcare Information and Advisory Service Australia