Feline Family Favourite

A cat for all seasons and all reasons is the beautiful Burmese. For this purrsonalityplus puss with its sunny disposition and unflappable nature is ideally suited to our easy-going Aussie lifestyle.

A happy-go-lucky tomboy of a cat, the Burmese takes just about anything in its sure-footed stride. Super-smart, it uses its paws very much like hands to execute an amazing repertoire of party tricks.

In fact, this breed is extremely dog-like in the waggish way it fetches and retrieves, goes "walkies" with its people and performs smart-aleck stunts. This playful puss is also renowned for its dogged devotion to its owners. So for those who love these "canine" characteristics, but for whatever reason are unable to keep a dog, this clever and companionable cat would be an excellent choice. Indeed, the only thing more entertaining and rewarding than owning a Burmese, is to be the proud owner of two of them!

The Burmese is blessed with a Peter Pan personality, retaining its kittenish curiosity and playfulness throughout its life - thereby making it the ideal children's playmate. For this fun time feline will gleefully seize upon any excuse for a game or frolic. A party animal at heart, the Burmese operates on the principle that life is one joyous adventure!

This joie-de-vivre is shared not just with owners, but whoever happens to come along. Consequently trades people, the postman or even complete strangers visiting your house are just as likely to be greeted by a Burmese leaping into their arms for a chat. Even other household pets are invariably soon old mates. For it is indeed a strongly held Burmese belief that one can never have too many friends!

This handsome breed has a solid, muscular body and fine, glossy, extremely low maintenance jacket. The traditional brown Burmese colouring has now been joined by a riot of other attractive hues -everything from blue to red and cream to lilac, along with some interesting tortoiseshell variations. Even silver has recently been added to the veritable rainbow of coat colour choices for this charming companion cat.

Highly adaptable, this breeds easygoing; "I'm alright Jack" attitude to life ensures that it lands on its feet wherever it goes. From its colourful origins in Burma to its development during the 1930s in the United States, through to its subsequent emergence as a much favoured feline all around the globe - the Burmese has made itself well and truly at home. And nowhere more so than here in Australia, where its' lovable larrikin sense of humour so well matches our own!

Is it any wonder then, that this purrsonable puss, which brings so much sunshine into so many people's lives, is such a firm family favourite?

Article Courtesy of Petcare Information and Advisory Service Australia