All About the Abyssinian



  • highly intelligent
  • extroverted and extremely active
  • not overly talkative and has a quiet voice
  • loyal
  • playful
  • inquisitive
  • enjoys playing fetch
  • loves people and needs to be included in family life
  • people oriented
  • affectionate
  • a cat that thrives on interaction and play
  • not a constant lap cat
  • prefers to observe what you are doing and insists on being included in all family activities.
  • good family pet and tends to bond with adults and older children rather than with young toddlers.
  • not a vocal cat, but have a small bell like voice to communicate



  • elegant, medium sized , muscular but slender bodied cat
  • short silky, close lying coat
  • slightly wedge-shaped head
  • almond shaped eyes
  • large ears
  • tail is long and tapering
  • regal in appearance
  • their build is not as extreme as the Siamese, but not as rounded as the Burmese- somewhere in between
  • an extremely beautiful and colourful cat with a distinctive agouti ticked coat
  • it is this agouti ticking (flecking) that gives the Abyssinian the 'wild cat' appearance.