Sassy Cat's Special Dinner


·             1 egg

·             1 tablespoon minced, cooked green beans

·             1 teaspoon shredded carrot (if you substitute other vegetables, avoid the ones with a lot of natural sugars)

·             2 tablespoons baked chicken breast (no skin) minced

·             1/3 Cup cooked brown rice (unrefined; wild rice is good)

·             1 tablespoon olive oil (good for preventing hair balls and constipation - common to diabetics)


Mix all of the ingredients thoroughly with a wooden spoon or in a blender/food processor. It's important to get the rice mixed in well so that it can't be picked out. (Diabetics need fiber and cats with kidney failure problems need to limit their protein intake so this serves two purposes.)

Cook in a small Pyrex skillet over low heat, stirring and "chopping" constantly, until the egg is at least soft-set but done. Refrigerate in air-tight containers, such as Tupperware, RubberMaid, or Zip-Lock baggies. Use within 36 hours (refrigerated). Stores well in the freezer in Zip-Lock Baggies and can be thawed and warmed simultaneously in boiling water in the bag.

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