The Odd Couples

February 28 2007

In Taman Safari Zoo in Bogor, Indonesia, a friendship has blossomed between 5 month old orangutans Nia and Irma, and twin sumatran tiger cubs, Dema and Manis.

The common link between the four unlikely playmates is that they were all abandoned by their mothers shortly after birth and they now share the nursery at the zoo. Their days are filled with play fighting, teasing each other and cuddling up together after an exhausting day for some much needed sleep.

None of the four have exhibited any signs of hostility towards another, but this will only be shortlived. The cubs and the orangutans will have to be separated within three months , because as the cubs mature, their natural survival instinct will kick in and it is when they start to feed on meat.

Both Sumatran Tigers and Orangutans are on the endangered species list, threatened by illegal logging, poaching and some farming practises.

But for now it is fun and games between the unlikely quartet.