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Feather Rattle Teasers (ON SPECIAL)

Turbo Tail Teaser (ON SPECIAL)

Hyendry Nekkid Predator Attachment (ON SPECIAL)

Hyendry Morning Sunshine Attachment (ON SPECIAL)

Hyendry Maraschino Attachment (ON SPECIAL)

Hyendry Orange Sorbet Attachment (ON SPECIAL)

Hyendry Ringmaster Teaser (ON SPECIAL)

Kitty Safe Door Dangler by SPOT

A Door able Faux Fur Mouse (ON SPECIAL)

Frenzy Skinny Loopz Refill (ON SPECIAL)

Feather Frenzy Fury (ON SPECIAL)

Frenzy Nymph Refill (ON SPECIAL)

Frenzy Red & Green Nymph Refill (ON SPECIAL)

Frenzy Sheepie Refill (ON SPECIAL)

Purrs Feather Pomz Attachment (ON SPECIAL)

Purrs Feather Crinkle Pomz Attachment (ON SPECIAL)

Motor Mouse (ON SPECIAL)

Nina Ottosson Cat/Dog Twister (ON SPECIAL)

Nina Ottosson Cat/Dog Spinny (ON SPECIAL)

Pet Links Blinking Bat (ON SPECIAL)

Catfisher Doorknob Hanger (ON SPECIAL)

Petstages Rainbow Caterpillar Cat Toy (ON SPECIAL)

Ball Buddy Birds (ON SPECIAL)

Kong Bat-a-bout Boa (ON SPECIAL)

Crazy Balls (ON SPECIAL)

Fleece Poms (ON SPECIAL)

Jewel Balls (ON SPECIAL)


Comet Ball (On SPECIAL)

Mylar Streamer Balls (ON SPECIAL)

Rainbow Roller (2 pack) (ON SPECIAL)

Twine Roller with Feathers (ON SPECIAL)

Loopies Spring Cat Catnip Toy (ON SPECIAL)

Cosmic Catnip Prickles Cactus (ON SPECIAL)

Dr Noys Feather Top Carrot (ON SPECIAL)

Glitter Critters- Larry The Canary (ON SPECIAL)

Zanies Nutty Owls (ON SPECIAL)

Cosmic Catnip Snake (ON SPECIAL)

Tinsel Caterpillar (ON SPECIAL)

Sparkle Sunny Crab (ON SPECIAL)

Sparkle Fatty Frog (ON SPECIAL)

Sparkle Ocean Turtle (ON SPECIAL)

Sparkle Fish Bones (ON SPECIAL)

Sparkle Sea Turtle (ON SPECIAL)

Sparkle Mini Turtle (ON SPECIAL)

Sparkle Marvin Mouse (ON SPECIAL)

Frutter Bugs- Butterfly (ON SPECIAL)

Frutter Bugs- Dragonfly (ON SPECIAL)

Frutter Bugs- Caterpillar (ON SPECIAL)

Curly Pet Pig (ON SPECIAL)

Curly Pet Frog (ON SPECIAL)

Catnip Moose (ON SPECIAL)

Catnip Monkey (ON SPECIAL)

Collar Charm- Candy Cane (XMAS SPECIAL)

Collar Charm- Xmas Tree (XMAS Special)

xmas stockingresized

Large Velvet Stocking (XMAS SPECIAL)

Swatical (ON SPECIAL)

Bocabird- Turkey Feather (ON SPECIAL)

Bocabird-Multi (ON SPECIAL)

Bocabird-Natural (ON SPECIAL)

Bocabird- Yellow (ON SPECIAL)

Eight Track Cat Toy (ON SPECIAL)

Glamour Mouse (ON SPECIAL)

Plush Mouse with Ball Dangler ( ON SPECIAL)

Squeaky Mouse 10cm Cat Toy $2.95 (ON SPECIAL)

Play-N-Squeak Scamper Mouse (ON SPECIAL)

Play-N-Squeak Monkey Mouse (ON SPECIAL)


Play-N-Squeak Fuzzy Mouse (ON SPECIAL)

Kong Feather Mouse Refillable Catnip Toy (ON SPECIAL)

FroliCat Twitch Cat Toy (ON SPECIAL)

FroliCat Sway Cat Toy (ON SPECIAL)


Krazy Kat Furry Spring Toy - Pink (ON SPECIAL)


Krazy Cat Furry Spring Toy - Blue (ON SPECIAL)

Giant Spiders (ON SPECIAL)

Kat Teazz Waball (ON SPECIAL)


Whirly Bird Cat Toy (ON SPECIAL)

Plush Bat and Bobble Cat Toy (ON SPECIAL)

Ostrich Tickler Teaser (ON SPECIAL)

Sparkling Tickler Teaser (ON SPECIAL)

Cat Tail Teaser (ON SPECIAL)

Fuchsia Drops (ON SPECIAL)

Purple Corsage Accent Teaser (ON SPECIAL)

Purrfect Glo N The Dark Curly Close Up Cat Toy (ON SPECIAL)

Yellow Rattle Teaser (ON SPECIAL)

Red O Teaser (ON SPECIAL)

And White Cat Teaser (ON SPECIAL)

Smile Maraca Feather Teaser (ON SPECIAL)

GoldDuster Teaser (ON SPECIAL)

Marabou Swirl Teasers (ON SPECIAL)

Mini Pom Cascade (ON SPECIAL)

Bead-N-Tease Cat Wand Toy (ON SPECIAL)

Cosmic Refillable Catnip Wand Two's Company (ON SPECIAL)


Tunnel Of Fun- Red (ON SPECIAL) $15

Collar Charm- Puffed Heart with Swarovski Crystals (ON SPECIAL)

Collar Charm- Crystal Crown (ON SPECIAL)

Collar Charm- Swarovski Crystal Paw Print (ON SPECIAL)

Twine Mouse with Feather Tail (ON SPECIAL)